Event / Farm Rules

The site will open promptly at 4:00 PM on the Friday of the event. No one will be admitted on site prior to this time unless they have contacted the Autocrat in advance.

The site will close promptly at 11:00 AM on the Sunday morning of the event. Everyone must be off site by this time. Please remember to police your campsites before leaving. The SCA is known for leaving a campsite cleaner than we found it.

Please be aware that this is an active equestrian training facility. It is imperative that we respect the farm rules at ALL times.

SMOKING: There is no smoking permitted in grassy areas or near horses (including paddocks).  You must be aware...cigarette butts MUST be thrown away in a trash can, NOT thrown on the ground.

Cypress Keep Farm is a discretely DAMP SITE. Alcohol is permitted with discretion. Excess consumption will be frowned upon by the Mistress of the Keep.

No pets allowed. Only certified helper animals are permitted.

No swimming will be allowed in pond.

Please park only in the designated areas. Please do not take vehicles in to any areas that have been marked off with ropes, chains or security tape. (Cypress Keep is a working equine farm/training facility, please be sensitive to the grounds)

Please do not build fire pits in any areas.

Minors not accompanied by their parent or legal guardian may not attend SCA events unless they are in the custody of an adult who is named in a signed and notarized waiver form. (See current issue of Talewinds for forms.) Please note that both sections of this waiver (the Minor's Permission Form--Event Waiver and the
Minor's Permission Form--Medical & Travel Consent) must be signed and notarized. Incomplete forms are invalid and will not be accepted. Presenting an invalid form at the gate will result in non-admittance to the event regardless of distance traveled.

All merchants are welcome. Merchants who wish to setup prior to 4:00 PM on Friday must contact the Autocrat, no later than two weeks prior to the event date. No exceptions.

 NO ONE is allowed in the barn or adjacent paddocks.
 The house, pool and immediate grounds are off limits

Cypress Keep Farm’s insurance requires that helmets be worn on all horses. We will have loaner helmets available.
(please call John @ 813-495-0070 if you have any questions)