Equestrian Activities



Cypress Keep Farm’s insurance requires that ALL riders wear helmets. (please call John @ 813-495-0070 if you have any questions)

Current Negative Coggins is REQUIRED before you may unload your horses. Please mail (or scan and email) a copy of your coggins beforehand to the EMIC if possible. This will greatly expedite your registration procedure. Health certificates required for out-of-state horses.

Horses may be stabled in paddocks available at Cypress Keep, portable stalls or stalled in their trailers.  Due to safety concerns horses may not be left unattended while tied to a trailer or overnight.  Horses may not be stabled in portable hotwire enclosures. Cypress Keep has 16 X 16 paddocks that are well shaded by oak trees available; the fee includes all shavings (limited availability, reserve early). Indoor stabling is available 1 mile away from Cypress Keep  - contact Debbie Hicks at [email protected]  813-982-9616.  

Equine Fees: Paddocks   ....$15/per night


**If not renting a paddock, a $5 per horse per day site fee will be charged to cover water and grounds costs

***Equipment and fields will be open for practice all afternoon Friday. Warm-up area prior/during tourneys is located behind the list field. ***

Event Schedule

Pre-competition meeting will be held - place & time TBD

**Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner riders are being separated into separate scoring brackets within each tourney in an effort to maintain a fun, equally competitive field.**

9:00am - Horse/Rider Competition Sign-up
9:30am - Presentation will be conducted as follows:


All competitors will be lined up in order of precedence and then escorted onto the list by the (mounted) Equestrian Marshal.  Once on the list field the line will on command turn and face the gallery,  The herald will introduce each competitor and their mount.  Once all competitors are announced the column with be lead out by the (mounted) Equestrian Marshal. Competitors will not have an opportunity to speak.

10:00am - IKEqC - ALL RIDERS - will be run after the presentation. Advanced riders will run first, with Beginners and Intermediates to run after.
Ring Tilt
Reed Chop
Behead The Enemy

Break for Lunch: Breaks for lunch will be staggered for the riders by virtue of when the IKEqC runs are completed. 

12:00pm - Mounted Combat & Jousting - SPECIAL AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED - will be run beginning at noon. Riders who plan on participating in this are encouraged to rest their horses as soon as their IKEqC runs are completed, and to eat lunch prior to mounted combat and jousting starting. All riders are encouraged to watch and support those competing in these sports.

2:00pm - Knight's Mare Challenge - ALL RIDERS


These runs will be first. The following events will be arranged on the field,  Each rider will roll to determine which elements they must compete on. Beginner-authorized riders will roll for 3 of the 6 elements, Intermediate-authorized riders will roll for 5 of the 6 elements. Bonus runs will be available. In addition, in good fun...a poker run of sorts will be done: for each successful completion of an element, a card may be drawn from the deck...the rider with the best hand will earn a special prize.

1) Quintain
2) Javelin Throw
     (2 spears will be available to throw)
3) Pig Sticking
4) Bridge
5) Back-your-horse obstacle
6) TBD


Advanced riders will have the opportunity to challenge other riders to competitions. Each rider will roll the die with the highest number choosing the element. Each element may only be chosen 1 time by each rider. There will be 4-6 runs total per challenge, depending on time. These runs will be scored and timed. Highest cumulative score will be pronounced the winner.


**Please be aware that this is an active equestrian training facility. It is imperative that we respect the farm rules at ALL times**