Thank you everyone who attended for making this a wonderful event. And a BIG THANK YOU to all the crat staff and volunteers who worked hard the day of the event, and to all those who worked tirelessly in the months prior to make this event a success.

All who attended enjoyed themselves immensely.  We had many compliments and some suggestions for next year, which we hope to have.

Our Meridean friend Sir Wulfric came down to authorize some Trimarian riders in Heavy Mounted Combat and Jousting. On the facing page are pictures from our grand day of equestrian activities. In addition to jousting and HMC, we also had a demo in chariot archery.

If you have any pictures of the event you would like posted here, please email them to either myself at [email protected] or John at  [email protected].

Thank you,

Jennifer of Marcaster

AMSKM Autocrat and EMIC