Purely Pleasure Show

Welcome to the Purely Pleasure Show!

Hosted and sponsored by Cypress Keep

November 15-16, 2014

Sumter Equestrian Center, Bushnell, FL (south of Ocala)


Cypress Keep This carriage driving pleasure show is recognized by the American Driving Society (ADS). For a summary of show information, see the ADS Omnibus Listing.  The show is hosted by Cypress Keep.
The Grand Oaks The Purely Pleasure Show event is the first in a three-part Triple Crown Florida Pleasure Driving Championship competition; the second championship event will be the Grand Oaks Classic held in February, 2015, and the final will be at the Florida Horse Park in April 2015.  Competitors must enter all three shows to qualify for the Florida Pleasure Championship. 


We would love to host you as a competitor or Vendor !


Please explore the rest of this site to find out more about this competition.  We look forward to your visit!


Latest News! (Updated Wednesday November 12, 2014)

  • Volunteers and Sponsors needed!
  • See the detailed schedule of classes
  • Check out stall maps 
  • Check which classes you are entered in - click here
  • See table below for information/fee needs
  • Our judge, John Freiberger, is offering a special Clinic Class to learn more and improve your driving.  All competitors are welcome.  Class takes place Saturday afternoon.


  • Margy and John Cox (Multiples Division)
  • Francine Arrington (VSE Division)
  • Grand Oaks Equestrian Center (Obstacles/Cones)
  • Dorothy Bradley (Pony Division and Ladies to Drive)
  • Fred Merriam (Horse Division)
  • Cypress Keep (Pace Drive)
  • Ellen Epstein (Carriage Dog and Super Reinsmanship)

# Name Size Stall Coggins Signature Fees ADS #
41 Bonnie Luft / Devion & Darryon Pair D101-102 Y Y Y 11267
42 Joni Kuhn / Zobe & Aandrik Pair D104-106 Y Y $10 195767
43 Audrey Kitchens / LuLu & Lindsey Pair 0 Y Y Y N/A
44 Tom Warriner / David & Fred Pair 0 Y Y NEED 12025600
34 Margy Cox / Andy Go Dandy Horse D108 Y Y $10 8389
35 Susan Diemer / Danny Horse E112 Y Y Y 13392
36 Emily Spurgeon / Sugarman Can Horse E109 NEED Y Y 12032510
37 Kendall Jones / Belle Horse E110 NEED NEED Y NEED
20 Linda Bennett / Winston Pony D131 NEED Y Y 12024110
21 Linda Fritschle / Goodnight Moon Pony D132 Y Y Y 10448
22 Myrna Brown / Trystan Pony D133 Y Y Y 9304
23 Laura SanDiego / Buttonwood Adelaide Pony D129 NEED Y $10 102093
10 Judi Tintera / Two VSE D139 Y Y $30 NEED
11 Janey Randlett / Royal Oaks Painted Berry VSE D138 Y Y $10 12019280
12 Savannah Avis / Chevy VSE D136 Y Y Y 8447660
13 Carolyn Britt / Warrior VSE D140 Y Y Y 1295790
14 Shirlee Callahan / Peppy VSE D135 Y Y Y 8447660

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