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Ring A

Ring B (Obstacles) *

9:30  1A: Traditional Turnout: VSE/SP

2A: Pick-Your-Route: VSE/Small Pony
9:55  1B: Traditional Turnout: Pony 2B: Pick-Your-Route: Pony

10:20  1C: Traditional Turnout: Horse

2C: Pick-Your-Route: Horse

10:45  1D: Sporting Turnout


11:15  4C: Gentlemen to Drive

Proceed to Ring B as soon as you are able.

11:40  4A: Ladies to Drive: Working Pony/Small Pony/VSE

We will take you in any order.
Class 2 must be completed before 12:30.


Ring A

Ring B (Obstacles) *
1:30  3A: Working: VSE/SP 5A: Your-Route-My-Route: VSE/SP

1:55  3C: Working: Horse

5B: Your-Route-My-Route: Pony

2:20  3B: Working: Pony

5C: Your-Route-My-Route: Horse

2:45: 4B:  Ladies to Drive: Working Horse



Proceed to Ring B as soon as you are able.

3:30  11: Carriage Dog

We will take you in any order
Class 5 must be completed by 4:00


Ring A

Ring B (Obstacles) *
  7A: Fault and Out: VSE/Sm Pony

10:00  6A: Reinsmanship VSE/SP

7B: Fault and Out: Pony

10:30  6B: Reinsmanship: Pony

7C: Fault and Out: Horse

11:00  6C: Reinsmanship: Horse

  Proceed to Warmup after your cones class 7 to start pleasure drive
  Warmup (Pleasure Drive Start) *


8A: Pleasure Drive Pace: VSE/SP

Proceed to Ring B after your class 6

8B: Pleasure Drive Pace: Pony
8C: Pleasure Drive Pace: Horse


Ring B (Obstacles) *

Ring A

10A: Progressive Cones: VSE/SP
1:00  9A: Super Reinsmanship: VSE/SP 10B: Progressive Cones: Pony

1:30  9B: Super Reinsmanship: Pony

10C: Progressive Cones: Horse

2:10  9C: Super Reinsmanship: Horse



Proceed to Ring B as soon as you are able.


Class 10 must be completed by 3:00

*(Juniors, Novice, and Multiples compete in their size class but are scored separately for the championship.  Championship scoring only takes place if there are multiple entries in these divisions)

Organizer reserves right to combine or split classes