Grand Oaks HDTCompetitionObstacles/Hazards 
In an HDT, only Section "E" of the marathon takes place, with a vet check at the end.  There is no Section "A" (trot/warmup) or Section "D" (walk).  Section "E" is the part of the marathon with obstacles/hazards.
  • Training Level:  5 obstacles and about 6 km. There will be a water hazard, but with a dry land option. In each obstacle: 3 gates A-B-C. There is no cantering allowed anywhere on the course.
  • Preliminary Level:  6 obstacles and 6-8 km.  In each obstacle: 4 gates A-B-C-D. There is no cantering allowed on course in between obstacles, but cantering is allowed in the obstacles.  There are two water obstacles.

Note that VSEs and small ponies do not need a navigator, but large ponies, horses, and any multiples require a navigator on the marathon


ASTM Safety Helmets are REQUIRED for all persons on the carriage. Safety vests for driver and navigator are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.