Tampa Trials


Entries Open: September 10                        Entries Close:  November 16


Use the 2009 ADS CDE Form (You can type your information into this form and print)

The ADS has created new fillable PDF entry forms. Using Adobe Reader 8.0 you can now type your information into the form and save the file to your computer for quick access later. You can download Adobe Reader 8.0 for FREE!.

Mail Entries to: Erika Matulich, 4909 Stanley Rd. Plant City, FL 33565-3759


Method of Accepting Entries: Limited to 50 entries, ordered by postmark. Entries postmarked before the opening date receive lower priority, so begin postmarks on opening date. Please no deliveries that require a signature - these may be returned to you. Incomplete entries receive lower priority and are not accepted until the entry is complete.


Fees: $105 entry fee before closing. $65 stall fee includes Friday, Saturday, Sunday (stalls are required for each equine - no trailering in or tying to trailer), tack stalls can also be reserved for $50. There is no stall deposit. Competitor dinner on Saturday night: $20 per ticket, $25 at show. Optional Friday Night Jackpot Derby $20. Post-Entry fee after closing date: $125 if space available, $30 for derby. Changes to entry (driver, division or class) after closing date $25. Make checks payable to "Cypress Keep"

Other fees handled separately by Fairgrounds: Shavings $7.50  per bag (see Stabling information), Camping $40 (30 amp) or $50 (50 amp) per space (see Lodging information).


Refund Policy: Full refund if requested before closing date. After closing date, entry fee refunded with vet certificate. After closing date, no refund on Dinner tickets and no refund on Stalls. Refunds are processed within one week of show completion.


What is a Complete Entry? Use the following Checklist:

  • Proof of Current Negative Coggins

  • Copy of your current ADS Membership Card (if not a member, must pay $30)

  • Check for Entry Fee, Stabling, Optional Events (derby and dinner)

  • 2009 ADS CDE Entry Form with COMPLETE information:

    - Event Name: Tampa Trials ADT.  Date: Dec. 12-13, 2009

    - Driver Information (please print neatly, and include all information, especially ADS number, cell phone to reach you at show, and email address)

    - Owner Information if horse owner is different than driver

    - Navigator Information, including all contact information

    - Stabling Information

    - Driving Experience Resume to qualify you for your level (optional for training)

    - Division (Training, Preliminary, Intermediate, or Advanced)

    - Class: Small Pony/VSE, Pony, Horse in either Single or Multiple (specify which type of multiple: tandem, pair, unicorn, fours, etc.)

    - Equine information, including name to match Coggins, age, height (preferably in centimeters), Sex (G, M, S), color, and breed.

    - Payment information: entry fee, stall fee (no separate stall cleaning deposit required), $30 ADS non-member fee if no membership card included, optional competitor party dinner tickets, optional Friday night jackpot derby, correct addition on numbers

    - Specification of derby division and class

    - Disclaimer on page 2 - ALL information filled out and signed by BOTH the driver and navigator! (Even though this repeats info from other side of form, fill it all out as this is a separate page for insurance and liability issues)

Mail Entries to: Erika Matulich, 4909 Stanley Rd. Plant City, FL 33565-3759


Accepted Entries as of 11/22/2009:


Training Pony

  • Linda Fritschle / Flash

  • Jack Martin / Nickel & Dimes

  • Cheryl Cearley / Princess

  • Linnia Elliott / Koko

  • Jean White / Lascaux Ginkgo Wilson

  • Deb Bennett / Sundance LB Hotrod

  • Wendy Bunn / Honey Girl

  • BB Blackwelder / Tanner


Training Horse

  • Julie Anthony / Toby

  • Lauren Hammond / High on Chocolate

  • Marybeth Miklos / Mint Jullip

  • Merri Murdock-Krehl / Bahret Fan Blessview


Preliminary Pony

  • Boots Wright / Marcik & Marko (pair)

  • Denise Silva / Maggie

  • Lindsey Nevitt / Rocky

  • JoAnn Wilson / UTS Arabella


Preliminary Horse

  • Katie Carris / Feine Dame

  • Joe Delfino / North Hero Firehawk

  • Tom Childress / Scooter

  • Dan Mazar / Our Foxy Lisa


Intermediate Pony

  • Philip Needs / Misty

  • Judy Fryer / Winnie

Intermediate Horse

  • Nifty Hamilton / Nick

  • Jan Jan Hamilton / Desi

  • John Porter / Trevor


Advanced Pony

  • Charlotte Trentelman / Final Deal MJE

  • Scott Parkman / Kat