Tampa Trials


Dressage Information:


American Driving Society Arena Driving Trial Dressage Tests 2005 (in PDF format):

Notes: ADT dressage tests are a bit different than what you are used to in a CDE! They are designed to be driven in variable sized arenas with different entrance points. You should "walk" your dressage test before the competition begins. During your test, you should enter the arena and warm up inside the arena until the judge signals you to start, and then proceed to your first movement. Note that the first halt and salute is done at an angle - just turn your body to salute the judge - don't turn the horse and carriage.


Dress is "marathon" as presentation is not scored in an Arena Driving Trial. Clean, neat marathon dress and same vehicle should be used for all 3 phases of the competition. If in marathon gear, helmet is required, as well as gloves and whips. If dressed traditionally, aprons, gloves, whip, hat, and jacket are required. Don't mix your styles!


Arena is the indoor Charlie Lykes arena, 57x36 meters, packed sand/clay footing.


Click here for dressage start times (when available). Remember to be at safety check 10 minutes prior to your dressage time! After dressage, proceed immediately to cones. You cannot compete in cones unless you have had your wheels measured in the safety check.