Tampa Trials


Cones Arena: Approx. 70Mx70M, clay/sand footing, outdoor. Bridge for prelim and intermediate levels.


Training: 40 cm clearance (cantering permitted)

Preliminary: 35 cm clearance (cantering permitted)

Intermediate: 30 cm clearance (cantering permitted)

* increased clearance of 10 cm for tandems and fours per ADS 962.1.7


You should have your wheels measured at the safety check 15 minutes prior to dressage. Immediately following your dressage, proceed to the cones ring. Safety check is in the indoor ring directly adjacent to the Charlie Lykes arena.


Dress is "marathon" as presentation is not scored. Clean, neat marathon dress and same vehicle can be used for all 3 phases of the competition. Protective headgear is required.


Scoring: This is a TIME competition (not a fault competition as in CDEs). The TIME Competition is conducted on the basis of the time in seconds taken by Competitors to complete the course, with any penalties for faults converted to penalty seconds (Article 951.1.5). Each ball down is 3 seconds added to the seconds it took to complete the course. Each second on the course counts as 0.5 penalty points.


Click here for Cones Map