Spring Fling Stabling / Camping
  • Stabling open NOON Friday, closes 7 p.m. Sunday.
  • Each equine must have its own stall reservation.   No trailer tie ups or drive-in (unless competing in CT only, in which case a $65 grounds fee is applied).
  • No Initial bedding, shavings, or hay provided, bring your own.
  • Stalls are $100 each, covering Friday noon to Sunday 7 p.m. 
  • Tack stalls are $65 if available
  • You may park your carriage in front of unused stalls or in the inside storage area, but do not put items into unused stalls or you will be charged a tack stall fee.
  • Separate stall deposit check to "LER" for $25, check destroyed if stalls left clean and undamaged,  checks deposited otherwise.
  • Early arrivals and late departures are subject to a $50 fee to pay staff to manage cattle and gates, and you are restricted to the barn area, as this is a working ranch. 
  • Stall water is available at all four corners of the barn.  Do NOT use this water for washing equines, please use wash racks only.
  • Please do not do anything to your stall that would penetrate the wood (screws, staples, hooks, etc.)
Camping on site (with water only, no power) for Friday and Saturday night across the road in front of the South side of the barn, each hookup by a magnolia tree with water spigot:

Space 1 -  Scott Parkman (closest to windmill)
Space 2 -  Jack Martin
Space 3 -  Deb Bennett
Space 4 -  Nancy Ziegler
Space 5 -  Judy Fryer
Space 6 -  Judy Martin
Space 7 -  Dona Love