Spring Fling HDT/CT  Show Staff & Volunteers
Show Organizer: John Porter

email: [email protected] (best method of contact)

(813) 982-2200 (Home) / (813) 495-0070 (Cell) / (813) 982-9709 (Fax)

Mail entries to Cypress Keep, 4909 Stanley Rd. Plant City, FL 33565


President of the Jury / Judge:  Kail Palmer-Miller: ADS-CDJ:(R)

Technical Delegate: Erika Matulich: ADS CDTD: (r)

Course Designer: John Porter (ADS-CDJ(L), ADS-CDTD(L), FEI - Steward)

Veterinarian:  Dr. Marsha Pidherney, DVM  352-303-6296

EMT:  SOS, Inc.


The following Volunteer positions need to be filled:

Please email [email protected] to volunteer. THANK YOU!


Saturday, April 6 




  • Office Assistance/Scoring: Ray Papp, Kathy Russell
  • Safety Check/Wheel Measurement: Linnea Elliott, Sloan Taylor Elliott
  • Dressage Scribe: Susan Diemer (a.m.) Mary DeGreef (p.m.)
  • Dressage Steward/Gate: Judy Fryer (am) Kathy Maxwell (pm)
  • Cones Steward/Gate: Jan Petri (am)  Judy Martin (pm)
  • Cones Judge:  Kacy Tipton-Fashik
  • Cones Timers:  Howie Crothers (am), Elinor Weith (pm)
  • Cones Setters morning:  Dan Mazar, Larry Catlett, Vicky Catlett, Sali Petri, Ross Creelman
  • Cones Setters afternoon:  Carrie Creelman, Doug Creelman, Paul Reese, Audrey Hartnett
  • Cones Scribe:  Ida Mazar (am), Laura San Diego (pm)
  • Hospitality/Score Running:  Kathy Russell

Sunday, April 7

  • Office Assistance/Scoring: Carla Sykes, Kathy Russell
  • Safety Check and Section E Start Timers:  David Bennett, _____, BRIEFING:   9:00 a.m.
  • Section E End Timers:  Joe Delfino (a.m.), Mary DeGreef (p.m.)
  • Vet Box Assistants:  Dorothy Bradley, _____, _____, _____ BRIEFING:   9:00 a.m.
  • Hospitality: Kathy Russell
  • Score Runners (Must bring own ATV)  Stephen Petri (am), Dona Love (pm)


  • Obstacles:


Morning Obstacles Afternoon Obstacles
BRIEFING:   9:15 a.m. BRIEFING:   12:15 p.m.
Obstacle 1: Circle of Honor Obstacle 1: Circle of Honor
Nancy Ziegler, Jack Martin, _____, _____ Linda Bennett, Stephen Petri, _____
Obstacle 2: Gator Pond Obstacle 2: Gator Pond
Kathleen Kidd, Kendall Jones, ____ Brenda Hall, Bob Giles, _____
Obstacle 3: Citrus Groves Obstacle 3: Citrus Groves
Scott Parkman, Jan Petri, _____, _____ Pam Knisley, Kathie Beeson, _____, _____
Obstacle 4: Watch Tower Obstacle 4: Watch Tower
Sandy Swift, Tom Childress, _____, _____ Janey Randlett, Eloise Nelson, Janey's Friend, ____
Obstacle 5: Fire Pits (Prelim only) Obstacle 5: Fire Pits (Prelim only)
Marty Haight, Randy Walton Melissa Wall, Carolyn Britt, _____
Obstacle 6: Flamingo Ramps  Obstacle 6: Flamingo Ramps
Linda Fritschle, Judy Fryer, Sali Petri, _____ Judi Tintera, Chuck Tintera, _____, _____