Spring Fling HDT!  Marathon
In an HDT, only Section "E" of the marathon takes place, with a vet check at the end.  There is no Section "A" (trot/warmup) or Section "D" (walk).  Section "E" is the part of the marathon with obstacles/hazards.
  • Training Level:  5 obstacles and 5-6 km (shorter km for VSE/Small Pony division). There will be a water hazard, but with a dry land option. In each obstacle: 3 gates A-B-C. There is no cantering allowed anywhere on the course.
  • Preliminary Level:  6 obstacles and 6-8 km.  In each obstacle: 4 gates A-B-C-D. There is no cantering allowed on course in between obstacles, but cantering is allowed in the obstacles.

Note that VSEs and small ponies do not need a navigator, but large ponies, horses, and any multiples require a navigator on the marathon


ASTM Safety Helmets are REQUIRED for all persons on the carriage. Safety vests for driver and navigator are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.