Spring Fling HDT/CT  Entries

Entries Open: January 1         Entries Close:  March 1


Use the ADS CDE Form (You can type your information into this form and print or save and email)


Mail Entries and all checks to: Erika Matulich, 4909 Stanley Road, Plant City, FL 33565-3759


Method of Accepting Entries: Limited to 45 entries, ordered by postmark. Please no deliveries that require a signature - these may be returned to you. Incomplete entries receive lower priority and are not accepted until the entry is complete.


Special Note:  For this show, all competitors will also be volunteering or providing a person to volunteer in their place.  Please specify on your entry form if you wish to volunteer on Saturday and/or Sunday, and if you prefer to drive in the morning and volunteer in the afternoon, or if you prefer to drive in the afternoon and volunteer in the morning.  If you cannot volunteer, you must provide a substitute person to do your shift. If you cannot provide a substitute, please pay a $75 non-voolunteer fee.  By volunteering we can keep show costs down, you will have fun, and you will learn a lot!  For events such as these, we need more volunteers than there are competitors, so we need not only your help, but the help of a dedicated set of permanent volunteers.



  • Entry fee: $130 HDT entry fee (includes $5 ADS competition fee), $100 Combined Test (dressage/cones only) entry fee before closing. Post-Entry fee after closing date: additional $35 if space available.  Payable to "Cypress Keep"

  • Stall fee: $100 stall fee includes Friday noon to Sunday 7 pm. (stalls are required for each equine - no trailering in or tying to trailer UNLESS competing in Combined Test - grounds fee is $65). Payable to "Cypress Keep" with entry.

  • Stall Deposit:  There is a separate $25 stall deposit check made out to "LER" and this check will be destroyed if stalls are left clean and undamaged, or deposited if not.  Do not combine this check with any other checks.

  • Changes to entry: Changes in driver, division or class after closing date is $25.

  • Camping:  Primitive onsite camping only (no hookups, some with water, must be self-contained) is $25 per night, payable to "LER" (do NOT combine with stall deposit check).

  • Vendors: $25 each, must be self-contained.

  • Non-member fee: If you do not enclose a copy of your current ADS membership card, you must enclose a $30 non-member fee.  This fee can be applied toward ADS membership

  • Other fees:  Early arrival or late departure fee $50 per day. Vendors $25.

Refund Policy: Full refund if requested before closing date. After closing date, entry fee refunded with vet certificate less $25 processing fee. After closing date, no refunds on stalls. Refunds processed within one week of show end.


What is a Complete Entry? Use the following Checklist:

  • Proof of Current Negative Coggins (if out of state, current health certificate also)

  • Copy of your current ADS Membership Card (if not a member, must pay $30)

  • Checks for Entry Fee plus Stabling, Stall Deposit, Camping

  • Notation of  your volunteer preferences (Sat and or Sun, AM or PM)

  • ADS CDE Entry Form with COMPLETE information:

    - Event Name: Florida Spring Fling HDT. 

    - Driver Information (please print neatly or type, and include all information, especially ADS number, cell phone to reach you at show, and email address)

    - Owner Information if horse owner is different than driver

    - Navigator Information, including all contact information

    - Stabling Information (special requests, who you would like to be next to)

    - Driving Experience Resume to qualify you for your level (optional for training)

    - Division (Training, Preliminary B (beginner prelims) or Preliminary B (experienced prelim or Intermediate drivers). No Limit offered.

    - Class: VSE, Small Pony, Pony, Horse in either Single or Multiple (specify which type of multiple: tandem, pair, fours, etc.)

    - Equine information, including name to match Coggins, age, height (preferably in centimeters), Sex (G, M, S), color, and breed.

    - Payment information: entry fee, stall fee, stall deposit on separate check to LER, $30 ADS non-member fee if no membership card included, correct addition on numbers

    - Disclaimer on page 2 - ALL information filled out and signed by BOTH the driver and navigator! (Even though this repeats info from other side of form, fill it all out as this is a separate page for insurance and liability issues)