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Full military honors has a special meaning in a memorial service. The caisson and limber pulled by a pair of horses is the important addition to this solemn occasion. Our caisson and limber is a painstakingly exact reproduction of a Civil War military ensemble, pulled by correct, trained horses tacked in authentic military harness. Correct uniforms for drivers and headers complete the picture.
Marion County's only Vietnam War MIA, Army Staff Sergeant Berman Ganoe, Jr. was officially laid to rest during a "Hero's Salute" at Highland Memorial Park in Ocala, FL on March 7, 2003. Sergeant Ganoe's UH-1 Helicopter was shot down on March 24, 1970, while on a rescue mission in Cambodia. His remains were returned to the United States, positively identified, and returned home for burial thirty-three years later. Posthumously, Ganoe was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star, 16 Air Medals, the Purple Heart, and numerous other medals of valor. John Porter provided the limber and caisson. Ann Scott provided the pair of black Morgan horses. Bob Giles, a Vietnam Veteran, drove the team, while John assisted with heading the horses and the memorial service arrangements.

Lance Cpl. Brian Rory Buesing, U.S. Marine Corps from Cedar Key, FL was killed March 23, 2003, in a fire fight with Iraqi soldiers who had feigned surrender. His father and grandfather had served in the Marines, and Buesing couldn't wait to enlist, joining immediately after high school graduation. His military funeral was held on April 5, 2003 in Cedar Key and was attended by 1,200 people in the same place he had graduated. The caisson and limber was drawn by Gwaine and Trevor, a pair of Welsh Cob Thoroughbred crosses. John Porter drove the pair, while Erika Matulich headed the horses when stops were needed as the procession traveled a mile to the gravesite.