Sunday, September 4, 2011

Schooling and Fun Clinic

  • Day of Hazards
Cypress Keep
 John Porter & Erika Matulich
 4909 Stanley Road
 Plant City, Florida 33565
[email protected]
 (813) 982-2200 [phone] 
 (813) 982-9709 [fax]

Nearby Lodging to Cypress Keep:

  • Comfort Inn
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  • Holiday Inn Express
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  • Red Rose Inn
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A Day of Hazards:  Learning, practicing, having fun!

For the driving and CDE/HDT/ADT enthusiast!  Learn how to drive all types of hazards, including water, permanent, portable, non-gated, and natural hazards.  You will be able to move from hazard to hazard for driving, timing, and coaching in small groups.  “Classroom” time will include rules, techniques, strategies, hazard types, as well as how to walk hazards.

Schedule of Activities

  • 8:30-10:00: Arrival, Registration, settle your equine
  • 10:00 am:  Classroom:  Hazard designs, alternatives, rules
  • 11:30 am:  Learning to walk hazards
  • 12:30 pm.  Lunch break (you can reserve or bring your own)
  • 1:00 p.m. Review your hazards; tack up
  • 2:00  pm:    Practical hazard driving:
    • Round 1:
      • #1 Technical permanent hazard (sticks)
      • #2 Open speed hazard (triangles)
      • #3 ADT portable hazard (dressage ring)
    • Round 2:
      • #4 Natural hazard (trees)
      • #5 Water hazard (creek area)
      • #6 Unflagged hazard (poles)

Volunteers are needed!

Volunteers are needed to judge, time, and score.  Please contact Erika if you wish to volunteer.   Volunteers do not pay audit fees and get a free lunch!


  • $25 per driving entry.  $20 if you also drive on Saturday. Entries are limited and close (by postmark) on August 29. No refunds after closing date unless your space is filled.
  • $10 per day audit fee (no fee if approved for volunteering, six slots available)
  • $10 per equine per 12-hour period between 7 am and 7 pm or $25 for whole weekend or any period needing overnight stays. Drive-in and tie to trailer (no fee). Stabling is available 1 mile away - you can drive your horse to Cypress Keep - contact Debbie Hicks at [email protected]  813-982-9616.
  • $7 per lunch (or bring your own)
  • $35 for the weekend camping fee if you require water/electricity. There are four 30-amp camping slots with electric/water hookups on property, and additional 30-amp electric/water hookups at our adjoining neighbor's property. 
  • $15 Non-whips member fee (can be applied to a Whips membership)
  • $0 vendor fee. Vendors are encouraged to come, but please confirm a space prior to arrival. 
  • Make checks out to CYPRESS KEEP.  Credit card payment through PayPal available with $3 additional service charge to ematulich

Download Entry Forms in either PDF Format or Microsoft Word format.

Download additional Liability Release forms for other attendees

Safety Information and Rules

  • Bring your swimsuit and towel if you want to use the pool!
  • All members of your party must sign a liability release form, including drivers, navigators, grooms, guests, or assistants. Additional Liability Release forms can be downloaded by Clicking Here.
  • All dogs/pets must be kept on a leash at ALL TIMES.
  • All children under the age of 12 must have adult supervision at ALL TIMES.
  • There is absolutely no smoking allowed within 25 feet of any paddock or stall, as well as the house and lanai area.
  • Hardhats/safety helmets are required for anyone on a carriage.

A COMPLETE Entry guarantees your slot and reserves your paddock - signed entry form, Coggins papers, and payment. Incomplete entries will receive lower priority.


Name / Equine Driving/Auditing Paddock Lunch
Linda Bennett / Wilbur (Pony) D-3 8 1
Judi Tintera / Two (VSE) D-1 4 -
Chuck Tintera A - -
Beverly Eckhardt / Heidi (Pony) D-1 3 -
Janey Randlett / Rose (VSE) D-2 12 -
Kathy Russell A/Volunteer - 1
Harriett Jones A/Volunteer - 1
Sandy Swift / Skittles D-2 2 -
Tom Childress A - -
Denise Silva / Maggie D-1 7 -
Dorothy Bradley A/Volunteer -  
Tina Ring D-2 9,10,11  
Kelly Moutsatsos & Daughter A/Volunteer - ?
Maris Ramsay / Mistral (Pony) D-3 5 1
Deb Bennett / Sundance LB Hotrod (Small Pony) D-3 6 1
BB Blackwelder / Tommy & Tanner (Pony) D-2 1 -
Dave Blackwelder A/Volunteer - 1
Mary-Lynn Jensen A - -
Kelly Gray A -  
William Welch A -  
Sharon Buffington A/Volunteer - -