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John Porter and Erika Matulich

We carry high-quality synthetic driving harness that is hand-made and custom fitted to your horse, pony, or VSE. The Amish-made harness comes from Pennsylvania, and we charge the same price that you can buy it at Yonie's Harness from his store, instead of adding huge markups like other dealers. This synthetic harness looks like leather, and passes the muster for pleasure driving turnout and presentation competitions. But it wears like nylon, and cleans up with a hose-off! No more mildew, rot, mold, or hours of polishing!

Yonie's Harness Shop makes the most durable, high-quality synthetic harness we have ever used. Our harness is still going strong after years of use, with no rubber peeling, separation, or stitch problems! Thoughtful features and custom precision are available at affordable prices. For either marathon strength, or presentation looks, this harness is a superb value.

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Concorde Driving Wagon

$1,800.00 or best offer


This horse-drawn vehicle was discovered in 1986 in poor condition. The research and work began at that time, and the meticulous restoration was complete in 2004. The wagon comes with its original metal tag labeled “J. Horton Lockwood, Burlington, VT” and was probably built by a large carriage manufacturer and then sold by Lockwood. The numerals on the seat frame most likely dates its manufacture to 1915. Although visual analysis of the weathered wood initially indicated colors of cream, black, and red, with a blue leather seat, paint fragments recovered from under the metal fittings were chemically analyzed to recreate the original, glorious colors. Detail of pinstriping and scrollwork, if any, are unknown, although common to carriages of the period. The reach resembles the “Banner” gear patented by Harvey A. Moyer of Syracuse and sometimes used on Concord Road Wagons. The replacement seat upholstery was professionally hand stitched and folded with a coco fiber insert to match the original construction. The Driving Wagon is ready to drive, or ready for museum display. The length of the carriage body (not including shafts) is 100” and the hub-to-hub axle width is 65”. The front wheels are 41” tall and the rear wheels are 44.5” tall. The carriage weighs approximately 340 pounds, and its light weight makes it excellent for parade, pleasure, or trail driving. Purchaser will receive complete provenance, photo restoration history, and touch-up paint. The wagon does have a patent dash, which is not shown on the picture.