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NOTE:  We are NOT a shelter - we neither take in ferrets nor adopt out ferrets. We are here for advice only.

If you want medical advice, please contact a veterinarian. Here are some resources for finding a ferret vet:

 Ferret vet locator by zipcode from Ferret Health
 American Ferret Association member veterinarians
 Ferret Universe Vet List

 Ferret Life Links Directory
If you want to find a ferret shelter in your area, please consult:

 Ferret Central's list of organizations and shelters
 American Ferret Association's list of shelters
 Ferret Nation's list of shelters

Erika Matulich began her involvement with ferrets at the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas in 1978. As a volunteer, she brought ferrets to area schools, nursing homes, and community events. She began expanding her knowledge of ferrets not only through personal ferret ownership, but also volunteering her time (and her ferrets' time) at University Veterinary Teaching Hospitals.


In the 1990s, Erika served as the President of the Ferret Lovers' Club of Texas and edited a monthly newsletter called Ferret Footnotes. She was active in ferret legalization activities, and assisted in effort to legalize ferrets in Plano, Garland, and Fort Worth, Texas. She also assisted with ferret rescue and shelter activities, and trained animal control officers all over North Texas in ferret issues. Erika has spoken at numerous humane societies animal shelters to help educate employers and volunteers about the unique needs of ferrets.


Erika also has written (and continues to write) numerous articles for Fancy Publications in Ferrets magazine, Ferrets USA, Critters USA, and Pet Product News. She was named the Contributing Ferret Editor to Pets.com during its entire existence and wrote over 100 ferret articles and items for the site until its closure at the end of 2000. Click here to access ferret articles.


Erika is a CSAS (Certified Small Animal Specialist) recognized by PIJAC (the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council). She also continues her studies in Veterinary Technology and is involved in several ferret research projects. She continues to emcee at Ferret Olympics events, volunteer consults with animal advisory boards, and volunteers to speak and educate various community groups.


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