Black Prong
Combined Driving Event
February 20,21,22, 2004

 Cypress Keep Services
 John Porter
 and Erika Matulich
 4909 Stanley Road
 Plant City, Florida 33565
 [email protected]
(813) 982-2200 [phone] 
 (813) 982-9709 [fax]
Black Prong was an outstanding event, the course and staff did a wonderful job. We arrived late on Thursday afternoon; I was overwhelmed and excited about the number of competitors. Some of the best new was that we got to drive over the new bridge on section E. We settled in an got ready for Dressage on Friday, the problem was that I began to feel ill after going to bed and spent the night in the bathroom throwing up. So my dressage scores were not where I wanted them but we made it thought.

Saturday feeling better, we got the boys ready for the marathon, the weather was perfect. Things went well on Section A & D, actually we were a little fast and had to slow down. Section E was going brilliantly as we entered the 1st hazard I got a nasty surprise. We were driving prelim pair B horse, third from last to in our division; it is amazing what 70 turnout can do to the ground in a hazard. The ruts look to be about a foot deep and the foot was ground into fine sand. Oh well, plan your drive and drive your plan. Actually we did not experience any problem in any of the hazards. They all flowed nicely and we had a good run.

Sunday at 0:dark30 I was out on the cones course, coffee in hand, to walk to when no one else in their right mind would be there. Wrong; seems everyone else had the same idea. The event should just put out breakfast at the cones course for the drivers. The course was nice and a fun drive. Our division went last and as the day before 80 some turnouts has cut up the ground so there was no excuse for going off course. We went clean on time and penalty points.

Alan and his staff have done an outstanding job creating a world class CDE facility and we all need to thank him for his efforts. I look forward to the next event at Black Prong.





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