Black Prong
Combined Driving Event
February 21,22,23 2003

 Cypress Keep Services
 John Porter
 and Erika Matulich
 4909 Stanley Road
 Plant City, Florida 33565
 [email protected]
(813) 982-2200 [phone] 
 (813) 982-9709 [fax]

The Black Prong facilities were immaculate.  The stabling area had Classical & Celtic music playing over the speaker system, beautiful landscaping,  \convenient wash racks, and a helpful staff that made you feel special.   I stopped and looked around thinking to myself "This is what a horse show should be like!"   I hadn't seen the rest of the facilities yet; the Dressage arena was like driving on a putting green, the cones course was superbly laid out and the hazards were an absolute blast!!  The weekend only got better except for the rain (lots and lots) on Saturday afternoon that caused the delay of the advanced drivers dressage and cones until Sunday.  Sections A and D  were canceled for the marathon; the advanced drivers started early; the marathon started 1 hour late.  All in all the show was not perfect but it was well done and should get better.

Black Prong was the second CDE for Gwaine and Trevor as a pair. This will be our last at Training level, next year we are planning on moving them up to preliminary level.  We won Training Pairs with a 66.4 on dressage, had 10 penalty points (2 balls down) on cones, and were clean on the marathon with no penalty points.

We made the front page of the local paper ! Dressage; drove a 64, not bad for their second test

Water Hazard    It got deeper going from "B" to "C" via the direct route