Continental Acres
Traditional Driving Competition
Dec. 7,8 & 9 2001
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Attelage de Traditional
A Traditional Driving Competition is designed to improve the style and image of carriage driving.  The event consists of three phases that test both the horse and driver.

Phase One: Turnout (60%)
The Horse, Whip (Driver), Carriage, and Passenger are judged at a halt and in motion.  The judges inspect the horse for cleanliness, showing, and general condition.  The harness is inspected for fit and cleanliness along with the carriage.  The appearance of the Whip and Passenger is also judged.
Phase Two: Country Drive (25%)
The course covers 5 miles on  country road, wooded lanes, and open pastures.  The course includes obstacles that would be encountered on a country drive including controlled passages, a water crossing, and letting off or taking up a passenger.  The course is to be driven at a specified average speed of  9 mph over the course with a 1/2 mile mandatory walk.
Phase Three: Times Obstacle Cones Course (25%)
This course is to be driven at a trot and consists of 20 gates (pairs of cones) that are set 12 inches wider than the wheel width of the carriage.  The gates are a set of cones with a ball balanced on the top of them; if the ball is knocked down, a 5 point penalty is added to the score

As part of the Carriage Festival Saturday morning, a grand promenade was held for the spectators.  Each turnout was driven in the arena and its history explained to the crowd.  This helps to educate the public about carriages and driving. Our carriage is an original circa 1905 East-Williston type manufactured in Philadelphia for the Gregg Carriage Company.

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Photos by:
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