Memorial Day Weekend
 Marathon Clinic/Competition at Cypress Keep
   The Combined Driving Event (CDE) is the fastest growing equestrian sport in the country. Grounded in tradition, combined driving compels a unique partnership between horse or pony and driver that relies on training and trust. Similar to ridden three-day eventing, it features the elegance of dressage, the excitement of cross-country, and an intricate test of skill and precision.  This clinic and competition focused on the marathon portion (Sections A, D, E) of the CDE.

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This clinic covered all aspects of a Combined Driving Event (CDE) briefly  and  then concentrated on the Marathon.  We looked at depth into the rules, the responsibilities of the navigator and the driver.  Bob Giles was our head clinician.

Thanks to Seminole Feed and Jill Cullinan Haight,
our feed rep, for being such a great sponsor!
Hazard #1  - Seminole Poles
Hazard #2 - Spillers Squares
Hazard #3 - Crop Circle
Hazard #4 - Dave's Dilemma
During the break the students took an opportunity to shop for new turnout clothes and hats from Gran de'lussions (Donna Tredway).


Seminole Feed was on hand to provide nutrition information and consultation.  They also provided electronic scales so that horses and carriages could be weighed.  Many people were surprised that their carriages were heavier than advertised.
Course Walk
Hazard #1
Seminole Poles
Hazard #2
Spillers Squares
Hazard #3
Crop Circle
Hazard #4
Dave's Dilemma
This hazard was created by setting 17 telephone poles in 4 rows of 4 with the addition of a single pole in the center. This sets up varying gate widths of 2.5, 3, and 4 meters, suitable for all driving levels and a wide variety of options. Natural and portable elements combined to create a hazard that combines the challenges of precision driving with going from bright sunlight to dark shade under the oak trees.  The crop circle was cut into the hay field and portable elements added to create a high speed but puzzling hazard. No matter where you were in the hazard, it looked exactly the same!


The water hazard was laid out to be a long, fast hazard with many options. The shorter route was through the water, but the longer route was safer! The prelim length through this hazard was 240 meters.

Marathon Hazard #1 - Seminole Poles

BB Blackwelder with Brenda Anderson navigating, driving Gwaine
Brenda Anderson Driving Trevor, Dave Blackwelder navigating
Brenda Anderson Driving Trevor, Dave Blackwelder navigating
Linda Fristchle driving Shadow
Linda Fritschle and Sue Morris (navigator) going into Hazard #1
Judge, Times and Scribe - our volunteer crew at Hazard #1
Marathon Hazard #2 - Spillers Squares
Brenda Anderson driving Trevor
JoAnn Wilson, driving Pumba, heads out of Spillers Squares
JoAnn Wilson, driving Pumba in Hazard 2
Linda Fritschle driving Shadow
Linda Fritschle and Sue Morris
"Midget" makes short work of the hazard

Marathon Hazard #3 - Crop Circle

Brenda Anderson and Trevor
Linda Frischle and Shadow
Jill Haight driving Warlord in the Crop Circle

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Marathon Hazard #4 - Dave's Dilemma

Audrey Kitchens and Rusty

More of Audrey Kitchens and Rusty

Dave Blackwelder on the back step with Brenda Anderson and Trevor

Brenda Anderson and Trevor bending through the gates

Sue Morris on the back step with Linda Fritschle and Shadow

Linda Fritschle lets Shadow open up on to the bridge

Linda, Sue and Shadow at speed off of the bridge

Sandy Swift with Tom Childress, Navigator

Sandy Swift driving Rustic Charm

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Division Competitor Name Sec'n Sec'n Hazard Hazard Hazard Hazard Seconds Sec'n Hazard  
Number   A D 1 2 3 4 * .02 E Score Place
Prelim Pony                      
101 BB Blackwelder & Lil Black 3.4 0 73.00 44.45 59.50 78.96 51.18 82.2 136.78 E
102 Jill Haight & Warlord 0 0 53.66 36.58 39.83 59.38 37.89 0 37.89 1
103 Sue Morris & Looker 0 0 50.35 42.14 40.36 77.75 42.12 0 42.12 2
104 JoAnn Wilson & Pumba 0 0 75.00 52.30 97.70 76.94 60.39 31.2 91.59 4
105 Audrey Kitchens & Rusty 0 0 59.43 39.01 46.64 84.78 45.97 0 45.97 3
106 Julie Moore & Dickens 0 0 R R R R R R R R
Training VSE                      
107 Francine Lucas & Bella 0 0 35.69 35.29 35.81 67.75 34.91 20 54.91 2
108 Karen Payne & Midget 0 0 35.85 37.67 34.43 58.94 33.38 0 33.38 1
Training Pony                      
109 Linda Fritschle & Shadow 0 0 37.04 36.52 30.68 53.84 31.62 3.8 35.42 2
110 Sandy Swift & Rustic Charm 0 0 34.13 31.80 26.80 50.88 28.72 5.6 34.32 1
Training Horse                      
111 Brenda Anderson & Trevor 35 24.8 52.16 41.15 38.34 59.16 38.16 60 157.96 1


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