Welcome to the Florida Spring Fling CDE/DT/CT (CAC) Driving Competition

February 14-15-16, 2020


Florida Horse Park
in Ocala, FL

Featuring new stabling!


What is a CAC?  A CAC is a "pick-a-test" in each of the three driving competitions (dressage, cones, marathon).  You can pick any dressage test from the offerings, cones at your chosen level (training, preliminary, intermediate, advanced), and marathon at your chosen level (training, preliminary, intermediate).  You can also choose whether you are driving a Combined Test (CT-any two competitions), a Driving Trial (DT- all three competitions, but only section B in marathon), or a Combined Driving Event (CDE - all three competitions with Section A, walk, and B of marathon).


This competition is recognized by the American Driving Society (ADS).   You can access the official ADS Omnibus Listing for this show.  The event is sponsored and organized by Cypress Keep, and we appreciate your support!


We would love to host you as a competitor, sponsor, volunteer, or vendor!  Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp.com


Please explore the rest of this site to find out more about this competition.  We look forward to your visit!

PHOTOGRAPHY will be provided by Pics of You!  Visit their booth during the show, or go to their website at www.picsofyou.com

SPONSORSHIPS AVAILABLE!  Sponsor a competition section (dressage, cones, or marathon) for $500, sponsor a competitive division (Training, Prelim, Intermediate, I2/Advanced) for $150, Turnout (VSE, Small Pony, Pony, Horse) for $150 or sponsor an obstacle/hazard for $250.  You can also sponsor volunteer meals for $200, awards for 250 or general donations for $50 or $100. 


2020 Spring Fling Results

  • You can sign your Florida Horse Park Release ONLINE
  • Golf Cart reservations: Master's Golf Carts (Ned) (http://mastersgolfcars.com/) is available for golf cart rentals. (352) 307-0111