Mar 31, 2017
Navigator and Course Walk Clinic at Cypress Keep! 
Friday, March 31,

Have you ever wanted to ride on the back of a carriage but be more than just a dead weight passenger? Or are you a VSE/Small Pony driver who has to navigate and drive alone? Or are you a driver who wants to know more about the Course Walk CDE software app?


This clinic can benefit drivers as well as navigators in training. Familiarize yourself with the art and science of navigation with this clinic, and learn about navigator duties and responsibilities. Time calculations, paces, and rules will be covered in an indoor slide presentation that combines the knowledge of top navigators throughout the country. We will step outdoors occasionally to try out carriage stances and other items, but most of the clinic is indoors. We will also be using the CourseWalk CDE app, so bring your smartphones! Snacks and drinks also provided, as well as handouts, clipboards, and pencils.


Your Clinicians: Erika Matulich is an American Driving Society Technical Delegate for Combined Driving and Pleasure Driving. John Porter is an USEF/FEI Steward for Carriage Driving and completing his ADS CDE TD card.   Experienced Whips members will also be there as mentors.


  • 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.: NAVIGATOR CLINIC (indoor slide presentations and brief outdoor practicals of walking hazards and carriage stance), CourseWalk CDE app
Fees (payment can be made upon arrival or via Paypal to ematulich or credit card bill can be requested): Make checks payable to Cypress Keep.
  • $15 per person for the classroom clinic
  • $5 grounds fee if bringing an equine and not using paddocks

Space is limited. Reserve your slot by using the Clinic Signup tool. Payment can be made at clinic upon arrival.  For other questions, email Erika at