Grand Oaks HDTOfficials/Volunteers 
Show Organizer: Cypress Keep

email: (best method of contact)

(813) 982-2200 (Home) / (813) 495-0070 (Cell) / (813) 982-9709 (Fax)

President of the Jury / Judge: Debbie Banfield
Judges/Jury:  Shelly Temple, Nancy Tomlinson

Technical Delegate: Erika Matulich
Course Designers:
Marc Johnson and John Porter 

Veterinarian:  Natalie Lamneck

EMT:  Lake County EMS / SOS


Volunteer Coordinator: Kathy Russell

Phone: 727-692-7275

Volunteers are needed for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Please sign up by clicking HERE or the button below:


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